Cable drum trailer type K19H

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The KH series of drum trailer is intended for transporting and unwinding cable and HDPE drums. These trailers, robust and reliable for decades, have a hydraulic drum loading. Time saving (about 10min), speed and ease of implementation and reliability are their characteristics recognized on construction sites. Last advantage: they are appreciated for their handling (low center of gravity) and maneuverability. The + product: reliability and robustness (hydraulic and chassis), maintenance free, quick and very easy loading of the drum, road quality (road holding and maneuverability), Unrolling on slopes possible Options: aluminum axle, driving the reel and / or jacks, overhead drum brake, ring 68x42, DIN 40 or ball attachment

Data sheet

1900 kg
Clear loadin width
1550 mm
total admissible weight
2500 kg
Drum diameter
1000 to 2600 mm
from 1,50to 2,70 tons